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全新研發的獨家專利 「 蜂巢式超氧離子水瞬間融合技術 」 能在第一時間將 「 超氧離子 」 融入自來水中,就能去除大部分殘留在蔬果上、對人體有害的農藥;同時,瞬間消滅來自於蔬果上的細菌。
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AST provides world-class IT expertise and services to all kinds of enterprises!


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Enterprise infrastructure planning

  • DATA CENTER Planing
  • Network Planing
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Virtual Desktop Service Management
  • Cyber Secirity Monitoring
  • Continuity Planning for Enterprises
  • Virtulization planing

IT Intergrated SerVice

  • Data Center Network Backbone Construction
  • Relevant planning and construction Solution

IT Management Service

  • Server Maintenance and management
  • Storage Maintenance and MANAGEMENT
  • Data Center Network and Communication management
  • Virtualization Platform management
  • Virtual Desktop Management (PC/NB/VDI)
  • Other Office device trouble shooting

IT Human Resource Outsourcing Service

  • IT management Service
  • Long-Term IT Human Resource Service
  • sHORT-Term IT Human Resource Service
  • PROJECT Technical Support

SMART Innovation

  • End-Point Device
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Industrial application
  • Special field Application
  • Core technical platform
  • Cloud and On-Premises Computing

Technical Support

Customer-centric service

We specialize in assisting enterprises in seamlessly expanding their IT infrastructure and optimizing core business application services. We can help IT departments develop, manage and modernize applications, thereby accelerating your digital transformation and business outcomes.



Headquarter located in Hsinchu Taiwan, we provide global IT service to meet the globalization trend from our customer.



6F.-3, No. 33, Huanke 1st Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302047, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



6F.-3, No. 33, Huanke 1st Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302047, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Acer Synergy Tech America Corp

1730N 1ST ST STE400 SAN JOSE CA 95112, USA

Shanghai Likai


Room 407N07, No. 373-381, South Suzhou Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China



We are passionate and dedicated to assisting clients with public affairs and event management. We hope that like-minded individuals such as yourself can join us in participating.

Acer Team Tiger》With strong tenical capability, AST poised to become a fierce tiger 2022/11
Acer's "Tiger Project" is eagerly anticipated by the public. One of the members of the "Little Tiger Team," AST, is engaged in information system integration services. Once, AST successfully negotiated a deal with a quantum computing client in the United States. However, due to the high surveillance of the industry by the US government, just when the deal was about to be finalized, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) suddenly demanded an inspection. In the end, the crisis was resolved by the influence of the parent company.
AST focus on professiobal IT intergrated service especially in Semiconductor industry 2022/09
In recent years, the globalization of semiconductor industry operations has brought many challenges, with information architecture planning being a crucial component. However, different system integrators have varying expertise, leading to significant differences in the services they provide. What kind of system integration services can assist semiconductor manufacturers in building global competitiveness and resilience, thereby enhancing operational efficiency?
AIOT Smart Manufacturing Disaster Prevention Seminar 2021/10
In order to help professionals understand how to enhance factory operations efficiency and ensure public safety through smart monitoring and disaster prevention systems in the process of transitioning to Industry 4.0, the Taiwan Global Wireless Platform Promotion Association (GloRa), Taipei Computer Association (TCA), and COMPUTEX are collaborating to host the "Smart Manufacturing and Disaster Prevention in the AIoT Era" online seminar. Industry experts from Advantech, Nanjing Information, Hsinchu Security, Quanwa Technology, and others will be invited to share practical factory case studies.
5G Smart Transportation Seminar 2021/10
Assisting member companies in cross-domain communication and collaboration, the Taiwan Global Wireless Platform Promotion Association (GloRa), in collaboration with the Asian Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA), Taiwan Internet of Things Association (TwIoTA), and Taipei Computer Association (TCA), is hosting the "5G Smart Transportation Symposium.
//Commercial Times//AST ACCELERATE global EXPANSION 2021/09
Acer synergy Tech (6751), Focusing on semiconductor customer information system construction and cloud system product integration applications, AST' clients include leading semiconductor manufacturers and their related supply chains. The semiconductor industry's numerous customers across the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments contribute to around seventy to eighty percent of AST' revenue. In recent years, the continuous expansion of investments by semiconductor factories has propelled the growth of AST.
sMeet product launch. AST seizing opportunities in communication technology system integration 2021/09
The unexpected continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 has sustained demand for remote work, distance learning, and gaming entertainment, thereby boosting the momentum of the PC-related industry. Acer Group has delivered outstanding performance. In this interview, we speak with Mr. Stan Shih, founder of Acer Group and chairman of the Smart Prosperity Foundation, as well as Mr. Han Zhengda, General Manager of Acer Synergy Tech, to explore the business model of system integration centered around information and communication technology. Additionally, we discuss the company's capabilities in implementing spatial domain utilization for clients.
Cooperate with hospitals, seizing smart healthcare opportunities 2018/03

The introduction of aBeing Wellness, Acer's smart healthcare platform, into the Telehealth Consultation Center aims to provide cloud-based care services for chronic disease patients, enabling long-term monitoring and management. Through this collaboration, we anticipate developing artificial intelligence (AI) and big data applications to extend cloud services to smart healthcare, encompassing comprehensive health management from prevention, diagnosis, treatment to monitoring.

New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon registration App 2018/10

Wan Jin Shi Marathon press conference was held at the New Taipei City Government, where Deputy Mayor Hou Youyi (right) announced the registration details and introduced the inaugural "Wan Jin Shi Marathon APP" online registration.

Cloud Intelligence: Driving the Future 2018/12

Acer Synergy Tech, GIGABYTE, LIQID, PHISON, Ubitus at the 'Cloud Intelligence: Driving the Future' forum summit, jointly organized by multiple parties, hundreds of domestic and international ecosystem partners gathered to celebrate. The organizers showcased smart cloud-related technologies, products, and integrated services on-site. Additionally, Ubitus, the world's first integrated cloud gaming and artificial intelligence cloud service provider, attracted significant attention from the audience.

Acer、AST and Wiwynn, build up National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University HPC Center 2019/11

In response to the global wave of smart technology, Acer's founder and chairman of the Acer Foundation, Stan Shih, called on Acer and its subsidiary, Acer Synergy Tech, to join forces with Weiwyn Technology to donate a High-Performance Computing Center (HPC Center) to National Chiao Tung University. The aim is to leverage industry-academia collaboration to integrate software, hardware, and services, contributing to Taiwan's technology and education sectors.

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